This amazing serum has a silky texture that refines the surface of your skin. It creates a phenomenon in firming up your skin with lasting effects. By providing a satiny smoothness while deeply moisturising, it improves your skin’s vitality. Its tensing effect helps to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin’s appearance.


As well as the benefits of caviar, it incorporates all the advantages of hyaluronic acid, fulfilling an important function in the skin’s structure since it is responsible for elasticity. It has the capacity of retaining a large amount of water around it, imbuing the tissue with volume. The results are extraordinary, with no shininess or greasy feeling.

Its ultra-light formulation, the hyaluronic acid and its intensive moisturising power means that it bonds with the skin and creates an addiction for the good results it quickly offers.

This elixir of youth is especially recommended for mature, devitalised or dull skins, or complexions with a tendency to dry out. It is the perfect solution for skin that shows signs of opacity, fatigue or premature ageing.