The brand

The benefits of hydrotherapy, the purity of Swiss glaciers waters and a wise and delicate combination of Natural and Organic active ingredients.

WHERTEIMAR Laboratories have developed a range of cosmetics of the highest quality and exclusivity. They apply the most innovative technologies to achieve continuous improvement and offer the most advanced skincare and beauty treatments.

The tests performed have produced a product line that adapts perfectly to the most demanding skin, offering the most reliable treatments.

Selected natural ingredients

  • Cosmetic lines based on the unique qualities of thermal springs and the purity of the waters of Swiss glaciers.
  • Natural products.

The latest in cosmetic technology

Nanonatural Technology®

  • Ingredients with particles tinier than 100 nanometers (a measurement corresponding to one ten-millionth of a meter). The active ingredients penetrate rapidly into the skin’s deepest layers. They vanish quickly on coming into contact with the skin.

Environment and beauty

Ingredients that are organic and natural, and cultivated on land that is fertilized using natural materials, obeying nature’s laws and aiming for biodiversity, without employing chemical pesticides or toxic herbicides.