The brand

The benefits of hydrotherapy, the purity of Swiss glaciers waters and a wise and delicate combination of Natural and Organic active ingredients.

WHERTEIMAR takes its name from the beautiful town of Wertheim, which is the most northerly town in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is situated at the confluence of the rivers Tauber and Main, on the Main’s left bank, where the Main flows into the Rhine River. The Rhine contains all the richness of the waters coming from the melting of the Swiss glaciers.

These rivers are very picturesque, with vineyards, small villages, castles, and rolling hills covered with hardwoods. This place is characterised by stunning, verdant landscapes framed by vineyard slopes and forests.

The variety of plants, forests, herbs, flowers, fruits, and vineyards, are processed in harmony with nature and the environment. We take the benefits from the limestone soils.

Our laboratories have developed a range of cosmetics based on the benefits of hydrotherapy, the purity of Swiss glacial waters and a knowledgeable yet subtle combination of natural active ingredients.

We apply the most innovative technologies to achieve continuous improvement and offer the most advanced skincare and beauty treatments. The tests performed have produced a product line that offers the most reliable treatments.

The aging process is related to our lifestyle. Rhythm, stress, and unhealthy habits disrupt the life cycle of cells and alter their natural rhythm, energy, and longevity. To alleviate this, WHERTEIMAR has a collection of effective beauty products totally adapted to all skin types, with an appropriate selection of textures and active ingredients that allow us to enjoy all their benefits and combat the problems related to skin aging.

Our specialists are in charge of developing products with a very elegant design that attracts attention at first sight, with delicate and exquisite packaging, as well as silky and velvety textures. All this combined with fine aromas and floral or fruit bouquets.

From WHERTEIMAR we have developed beautiful formulas similar to traditional cosmetic products and with the same degree of appearance, result and comfort, but of course without using silicones, petrol derivatives or aggressive chemical elements.